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Job description

Perform duties required to provide computer aided design drawings to manufacturing by generating new and revised CAD drawings and maintaining drawing files. Perform duties required to provide information to Plant Engineer and Estimating Department.

Essential Functions:
  1. Generate new and revised CAD drawings.
  2. Generate routine, non-routine, and moderately complex drawings of fabricated parts utilizing computer aided design equipment such as digitizer, plotter, PC, and associated peripheral equipment.
  3. Lie out and set up job utilizing standard CAD techniques and skills, following engineered approved specifications.
  4. Review drawings indicated by CAD system, revising to enable processing.
  5. Show dimensions, material to be used, and any other information to make detailed drawing clear and complete.
  6. Distribute copies of all new or revised CAD drawings which have been approved.
  7. Prepare Back-up for Configurator operator.
  8. Maintain files of all current drawing originals and a historical record of changes.
  9. Perform daily backups of new CAD drawing files.
  10. Maintain other necessary logs and reports related to drawings.
  11. Tracks progress of all MCF in process.
  12. Provide status reports upon request of Plant Engineer.
  13. Responsible for compliance of all policies, procedures and audits pertaining to the Bill of Operations.
  14. Provide costing for special products.
  15. Estimate material usage and labor costs to determine cost of manufacturing special products. Communicate information to Estimating Department.
  16. Must be able to perform the essential functions required of the Standards Analyst NC Programmer positions and perform these requirements in times of vacation and absences.

The above list of essential duties is not exhaustive. It only defines some of the main responsibilities. An employee may be required to perform additional tasks not listed above.

Job Qualifications:
  1. Knowledge of stenography, elementary accounting, or a variety of office, laboratory or test procedures; operation of office equipment such as data processing equipment, transcribing machines or work processors. Equivalent to high school plus additional specialized training.
  2. Over one (1) year, up to and including three (3) years of experience.
Key Competencies:
Approach to work
  • Determination - achieves goals, then look for more work
  • Takes caution to prevent errors – always take time to do it right the first time
  • Pride in quality of work
  • Proactive - see’s what needs to be done and acts
  • Understands time management – maintain a sense of urgency – what you get done in a day really matters
  • Ask questions – don’t assume
  • Self-motivated
  • Overcomes obstacles to hitting targets while working with in the system and produce a quality product
  • High productivity – makes effective use of time management tools
  • Be positive – even in difficult situations
  • Follows rules – obeys policies
  • Cordial and happy to help
Gets along with others
  • Respectful of others – show respect to everyone
  • Help train others – look for ways to help when you see someone in need
  • Gets along with fellow team members – find ways to work together
  • Show exceptional team work
  • Respectful of others ideas
  • Always at work on time - achieve perfect attendance- great attendance record
  • Always at work station ready to start at buzzers - always be working when start buzzer sounds
  • Focused on work to be done
  • Quickly gets and stays on task
  • Never misses work without appropriate notification
  • Volunteer for OT when emergencies arise (Don't stop working until the stop buzzer sounds
  • Only needs to be told once
  • Listens and understands even when upset
  • Effective interacting with people no matter the status
  • Tell your lead and supervisor how you feel especially if something is bothering you
  • Accurately interprets what is said
  • Cleanliness of work area
  • Cleans work area as a part of the work process - clean as you go
  • Organized - always keep your work area clean and organized
  • Always put tools, parts, items back where they belong
  • Cleanliness of self
  • Always adheres to safety rules and procedures
  • Wares appropriate safety gear at all times
  • Encourages safe practices
  • Understands that no job or customer is more important than safe actions
  • Watch out for forklifts - give them the right of way
Physical Requirements:
  1. Sitting for extended periods of time
  2. Standing for continuous periods of time without being able to leave the work area
  3. Lifting (raising or lowering objects)
  4. Pulling and/or pushing (exerting up to 15 pounds on a regular basis so that the object is moved to or away from the employee)
  5. Carrying objects (in arms or on shoulders)
  6. Reaching (extending hands and arms in any direction)
  7. Stooping and crouching (bending downward and forward
  8. Feeling (perceiving attributes of objects such as size, shape, temperature, or texture)
  9. Speaking to employees and customers
  10. Listening to employees and customers
  11. Grasping (applying pressure to objects)
Mental and Visual Job Requirements:
  1. Clarity of vision at 20 inches or less.
  2. Clarity of vision at 20 feet or more.
  3. Ability to bring objects into sharp focus.
  4. Ability to identify and distinguish colors.
  5. Ability to judge distance and space relationships.
  6. Ability to learn and comprehend instructions and orientation to the job.
  7. Ability to concentrate attention on task at hand for extended periods of time.
Required Abilities:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Workplace Environmental Conditions:
  1. Typical office environment.
Tools Used to Perform Essential Functions:
  1. Equipment: Personal computer, telephone, fax, copier, 10-key
  2. Software: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, AutoQuotes, EPICOR
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