This desktop vacuum former could change manufacturing.

Vacuum forming is a technique that is used to shape a variety of plastics. In school, it is used to form/shape thin plastic, usually plastics such as; polyethylene and perspex. Vacuum forming is used when an unusual shape like a ‘dish’ or a box-like shape is needed. Below you can see the stages involved in vacuum forming.

The Vaquform team envisions a variety of uses for the device, from rapid prototyping to art projects to custom props and cosplay (or, again, terrifying masks). The team is taking production slowly, with three batches available on Kickstarter — a first run of 250 units available for $599 expected to ship in October, a second $645 batch for November, and a third $699 group that won’t land until January 2018.

By the way, they are on Kickstarter.