Why prototype a product?

The first question you should ask yourself is what type of prototype do you need. Is it to demonstrate the functionality of the product or simple visualization, or getting it ready for manufacturing?

Let's talk about the types of prototype you will probably need.

Visual prototype

A visual prototype is a sample or model of a product to test or validate a concept. It is designed to try a new design to enhance by potential consumers.

The visual prototype is the mental formalization and potential look of an idea. There are several ways to create one:

  • CAD (3 dimensions)
  • Actual physical prototype
  • Drawing (2 dimensions)
  • Visual 3D model (3 dimensions)


A proof of concept is a system designed purely to provide a demonstration of the core functionality of a set of principles.

It's generally used to validate technical feasibility, helps determine the scope and of customisation necessary to complete the project.

Presentation prototype

The presentation prototype is simply the representation of how the end invention will look. It is likely that production grade materials will be used.

If you are planning on manufacturing a product, prototyping is the best starting point. With a presentation prototype, it would be easier to approach and discuss with a potential manufacturer. Then you will be able to apply minor changes that may be needed to start mass-production.