How to price a 3D design project?

Calculating the price of 3D projects is not as hard and complicated as it might seem. Of course, there are a lot of different parameters involved. It is mostly a matter of experience that others have already had. There are lots of internet resources that could come to assist you on this journey.
The first question that must be answered is what is being made. There are different prices for 3D design works. Whether you want prices for designing mechanical parts, architectural plans, residential or commercial buildings, 3D printing designs or even 3D animation designs, you need to get familiar with the steps of the creation processes and the tools that are used.

CAD (Computer-aided design) software is used for creating, modifying, analyzing, or optimizing designs. CAD software come in numerous price ranges and different professional levels, and that is an important price factor. CAD is used in a variety of applications, including Automobile and ship building, and aerospace industries, architectural and industrial design, medical, and much more.

For mechanical design, either vector-based graphics or raster graphics may be used. Yet, it involves more than mere shapes. 3D software delivers required information about other aspects of a project, elements such as materials and dimensions.

Although all the above information is good to know, and it helps to build a solid understanding of the processes involved, but I suggest that the best solution for pricing is looking for prices of similar projects. Whether you want to use a Freelance designer or a professional company to create your 3D design, connecting to several designers and comparing the results can pave the way for you.

In order to give you an idea of the price ranges for 3D design, take a look at the following hourly prices, as well as some object prices.

Freelancer designers charge:

  • per hour for Architectural 3D design.
  • per hour for 3D Modeling projects.
  • per second for creating 3D Animation.

Here is a list of prices for objects created by an entry level artist who makes €45,000 a year in EU:

  • A barrel, drum, box or crate, €45 to €55
  • A warehouse structure, Empty $480 to €570
  • Construction objects, pillars, ceiling, arches, doorways, €710 to €810
  • Small industrial plan without objects, €2,380 to €2,845
  • Larger industrial plan without objects, €4,740 to €5,690
  • Landscape of a city without objects, €4,742 to €7,590
  • 3D Character, small, under 1000 triangles, €710
  • 3D Character, medium, under 2500 triangles, €1420
  • 3D Character, large, under 5000 triangles, €2370 and €4740 with animation

The last note is that the 3D design world is very competitive. When it comes down to quality and price, you can always find better solutions If you look around.