The future is here right now: CAD designers and what they do

Imagine you had to design the whole structure of a city: its streets, sewage, buildings, parks, etc. Imagine you had to start from scratch and on top of that you had less than a month as a deadline. Sounds kind an impossible task, right? It should take at least a couple of years to achieve this titanic endeavor, huh? Well, fear not, because CAD designers are here to save the day!

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, which is basically the use of computer systems and software to create, optimize, analyze or modify any design in any field including (but not limited to) architectural design (like the one described before), computer animation, engineering, and much more.

CAD designers make use of this technology to provide solutions and improve already existing designs. See the ergonomic shape of your mouse? It was probably designed using CAD tools by a CAD designer. See how comfortable that couch is? Yep! It was surely created through a series of steps which certainly included the intervention of a CAD designer.

But, how did these unsung heroes of design come to be?

Well, it all started around the mid-70's: the need to improve design processes made designers turn their heads to computing for answers, and as computing evolves (which is happening as you read this and will continue happening for years to come) so does CAD and so do CAD designers. It is an endless cycle which will keep on going for as long as humanity exists. Even as you are reading this, there is someone somewhere doing something to improve something in some way using CAD tools you can be pretty sure about that.

CAD designers have become one of the most important parts of any design company (architectural, automotive, graphic, gaming, etc). They create, improve, embellish and optimize designs with seamless effort. You might think that the computer is what does most of the job, right? Think again. CAD designers bring to the table the human part of the equation which, even if taken for granted, is the most important part of it.

Why is that so? Because human experience is a very important component in the design process. A computer cannot take into account all the subtleties of human nature because it cannot touch, taste, smell nor feel like a human, well, at least not until Artificial Intelligence has been fully developed to such heights. Besides, there is a reason it is called Computer Aided Design and not Human Aided Design or Full Blown Computer Design, right?