Yes, you should hire freelancers


Someone hold me back. I’ve seen enough “best places to work” lists to last me a lifetime, but I have yet to see a single award for “best places to freelance.” In fact, when I search for the former, I’m presented with shining examples of enterprises that really value their people (and “check out all the creative perks that prove it”). Tech startups and financial services brands are especially keen on making the list. It’s great exposure, and landing a spot can highlight a company’s commitment to hiring and retaining the best and brightest—but why wouldn’t they hire freelancers?

When I type “best places to freelance,” I’m given a staggeringly long list of places that might hook you up with a gig. That is, if you play your freelance cards just right.

So far, I haven’t found a list of companies highlighted for their ability to attract the sharpest, most creative freelancers.