Will smartphone ar stunt virtual reality’s growth?


T.J. Miller’s Erlich Bachman from HBO’s Silicon Valley isn’t necessarily known for his business prowess but his assertion that virtual reality is a hotbed of hype right now in Silicon Valley is right, the real question is where it goes from here.

Virtual reality can and will continue to find a hold with gamers that don’t mind paying a premium, but recent developments surrounding smartphone augmented reality may make it more difficult for VR-makers to find traction amongst more casual consumers.

The augmented reality platforms shown off by Facebook with its Camera Effects and Snap with its World Lenses show off a physical world that can be shifted and changed in front of our eyes. Right now this is done in pretty trivial ways surrounding content creation, yet there are so many places that this can go based on what we currently know about how the internet interfaces with the physical world.

Someday you’ll be wearing something that will allow you to observe this augmented world at all times, but for the time being, the smartphone does a great job of capturing more situational use cases that fit in with mobile’s broader goal of delivering more localized, context-aware experiences.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/07/will-smartphone-ar-stunt-virtual-realitys-growth/