Want to be a digital nomad? here are 10 things to consider


The beach and a laptop; the ultimate dream for many. And even if just temporarily, being a nomad might be something you might want to try. If you’ve read last year's interview with me here on Creative Boom, you might know I’ve been on the road since the end of 2014.

Since then, every day has been different, and many days started with stepping out of a different bed, eating breakfast in a different city, and falling asleep on someone's sofa I might not have known prior to that day.

Since going freelance, I’ve worked from cafés and co-working spaces. I’ve sat on rooftops. I’ve "stolen" wifi from restaurants and even private homes. Just as a side note: if you live in Brooklyn, and your password is, you’ve guessed it, "brooklyn", it’s not hard to get onto your network.

Over the past two years, I’ve published two books about freelancing and I’m currently publishing a third one, Work Trips and Road Trips, a guide for the curious, the restless, and the adventurous freelancer. Every time I’ve decided to publish a book, it’s mostly been to explore a subject I was interested in myself.

First, I wanted to know how one starts out as a freelancer. Then, I was curious about how one can avoid having dry months. Now, with the third instalment of the Insightful Guides for Creative Freelancers, I’ve been trying to understand how freelancers can carve out time for a vacation, or at least bring their work on the road with them.

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