Urbanalps' 3d-printed stealth key is almost impossible to forge


Swiss company UrbanAlps has devised a method for 3D-printing keys to make them almost unforgeable, because their teeth are hidden from view.

The Stealth Key was designed by UrbanAlps as a safer alternative to regular keys, which can be easily scanned and copied.

In what the company says is a world first, the keys are 3D-printed from titanium. Because they use a form of additive manufacturing, the keys are effectively formed from the inside out – meaning their teeth can be hidden under a pair of narrow ledges.

However, they work like most contemporary keys, fitting inside a cylinder lock to turn the mechanism.

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2017/04/25/urban-alps-3d-printed-stealth-key-almost-impossible-forge-design-products/