Soon, we’ll be able to 3d-print parts for knee surgery


Knee surgery could be set for an overhaul as researchers have developed cartilage-mimicking, 3D-printing material in the US.

When it comes to the future of knee surgery, it appears that, one way or another, 3D printing will play a part.

A cartilage-mimicking material created by researchers at Duke University is paving the way for custom-built, replacement knee parts.

The hydrogel-based material, according to the researchers, is the first to match human cartilage in strength and elasticity, while also remaining 3D-printable and stable inside the body.

Human knees come with a pair of built-in shock absorbers called the menisci. This cartilage cushions our knees, but wear and tear can be telling.

A key concern is how little the menisci heal after humans reach adulthood, meaning synthetic substitutes are often needed.