New functionalities in 3d printing expand its application scope across sectors, finds frost & sullivan


The evolution of 3D printing from a prototype to a highly advanced manufacturing technology has boosted its uptake in Asia-Pacific. The mounting pressure of mass customization, alongside the need to reduce the time-to-market of products, has prompted 3D printer manufacturers to innovate to new technologies and faster printing speeds.

"Recognizing the ability of 3D printing to boost productivity and strengthen their manufacturing sectors, governments around the world have launched several initiatives to promote additive manufacturing," said Industrial Process Control Consultant Shreyas Krishnamurthy.

"This technology is also being actively utilized in the medical industry to build customizable implants and devices," he added.

By adding technologically advanced features in 3D printers, the market is heading towards open source 3D printing. This technology could well transform consumer lifestyle by simplifying parts designing, developing product architecture, and even printing artificial organs through modified stem cells.