A new 3d printing technology uses electricity to create stronger objects for manufacturing


Nothing actually appears to happen when the Essentium rep flips the switch to fire up the company’s demo. The change is undetectable standing a foot away from the Stacker industrial 3D printer, but if you lean forward and peek into the small gap between the print head and bed, you’ll spot two small semi-circles that glow purple like a range oven on its highest setting.

It’s the glow of plasma reacting with the air as the print head goes to work fusing together the plastic material as the printer builds the piece up, layer by layer. The startup is headlining the Rapid conference in Pittsburgh, PA to show off FuseBox, a technology aimed at addressing the issue of structural integrity that serves as one of a number of key roadblocks slowing 3D printing’s growth as a legitimate option in manufacturing.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/10/a-new-3d-printing-technology-uses-electricity-to-create-stronger-objects-for-manufacturing/