Microsoft augmented reality technology being used to install stairlifts in the north east


A North East firm is using cutting-edge augmented reality technology to help people cope with the ageing process.

People looking to a stairlift will be able to use augmented reality technology to see how the chair will fit in their homes after stairlift maker Thyssenkrupp, which has a base in Stockton, partnered with Microsoft to use the computer giant’s HoloLens technology to help install the chairs.

Customers will soon be able to superimpose the stairlift over their staircase using a handheld tablet and a headset.

The image will allow customers to see what the product looks like before it is physically installed in their home. Using the HoloLens, customers will also be able to make changes to the upholstery, alter the chair and rail colour, and add additional features.

Andrew Warbrick, managing director of Thyssenkrupp Access Ltd, said: “By using the HoloLens mixed-reality device when visiting and measuring customers’ stairs, we are able to visualize in a very realistic way what the finished stair lift will look like.

“We are also able to measure the staircase faster than ever before, which leaves us more quality time to spend with the customer on discussing and visualizing options such as rail colour or upholstery. This results in an even better service and customer experience.”