Lockheed uses vr, holograms to build next generation of space technology


It was like stepping into a science fiction movie.

A life-size holographic engine floated in midair. Using a hand-held control, Darin Bolthouse slowly rotated the engine and pulled out thrusters and propulsion systems to set aside, as journalists wearing 3D glasses watched.

He gave his pair of 3D glasses, which included motion tracking, to a visitor. She walked into the engine, an eerie sensation despite the engine not physically being there. Kneeling, she looked up to see the bottom of the holographic machinery. The surrounding journalists gasped as their view of the engine changed with hers.

The 3D hologram, which was displayed in a designated enclosure Bolthouse referred to as The Cave, is part of the technology being developed and used in the Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory, one of multiple labs Lockheed Martin Space Systems showed off to local and national journalists Monday during a tour of its Littleton facility.

Source: http://www.denverpost.com/2017/04/05/lockheed-martin-3d-holographic-engine/