Introducing the most absurd virtual reality headset of them all


Virtual reality tech has endured some serious growing pains already, and still hasn’t fully reached mainstream acceptance among consumers. Plenty of people still see VR headsets as too complicated, clunky, and simply not worth the investment or hassle. A new VR headset concept is making its big debut at the ACM CHI 2017 event and, well, it’s probably not going to help matters. It’s called FaceDisplay, and it might be the most ridiculous VR headset ever conceived.

Created by designers at Germany’s Ulm University, FaceDisplay aims to solve the problem of virtual reality being an isolating experience by allowing others to interact with the headset wearer in the virtual world. With a trio of large touchscreens, the FaceDisplay headset acts as an input device for both the wearer and anyone standing nearby. Bystanders can touch the headset’s displays to prompt input that the player will see in the virtual space — like spawning objects that the player can then interact with.