How i overcame my biggest freelancer fears


No two freelance experiences are alike, and freelancers are unique individuals with different strengths and experiences. If two freelancers are given the exact same brief for the same job and client, they’ll most likely turn in different work. But there is usually one thing most freelancers have in common: the fear they carry related to their career.

The term “freelance fear” was first brought to my attention by a London-based advertising creative. Before she held her current position, she was a freelance copywriter for years. I’ve been a freelance writer for a decade, so we compared experiences.  We discovered that despite our different situations, we share the same fears: getting paid on time, how to say “no” to a client, how to charge a fair amount for your work and services, and more.

So I spoke with a number of successful freelancers across varying industries and disciplines to find out how they’ve overcome these fears.