How to create a freelance culture in your startup


Most startups that are working with freelancers don’t think about creating a culture. After all, it takes everything you have just to get from one day to the next, putting out fires, looking for the next round of funding, and cranking out development on disruptive products and services to get the revenue machine up and running. And it’s easy for outsourced talent to look at what they're doing as a simple gig or project, rather than feeling like they're part of something bigger.

However, after working on numerous startups and bringing in people to build them out, I’ve realized that it was worth it to take the time to start on culture immediately— and include the freelancers so they were more engaged in the process. Since focusing on developing a freelance culture for the startups I work with, I’ve seen measurable differences in motivation and productivity among those I’ve brought in, and ended up having many more stay and become part of the company.