Home alone? dealing with the solitude of self-employment


Working from home has plenty of perks – you can work in your underwear, go for a nap anytime you like and showering is optional. But the freedom of having only yourself to answer to and no one to see you all day, apart from maybe the cat, has downsides – the most pernicious to your health being the potential for loneliness to set in.

Debbie Clarke, a digital marketing consultant based in Nottingham, found it hard to adjust to working alone after leaving an office job to go freelance. “I’d had lots of opportunities to get feedback on what I was doing, go out for lunch with people and talk to people throughout the day,” she says. “Working in a box room in your house, the worst thing is not having anybody to bounce ideas off so you’re just left wondering if what you’re doing is actually any good or if it’s all rubbish.”

Emily Rockey had a similar experience when she moved from London to Sussex to set up her own marketing firm, Humm Media. “I’d been a very social person and suddenly everything switched, and I found myself in the house all day everyday,” she says. “I found it difficult to make myself take breaks or have anyone to talk to other than clients.”

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2017/may/10/home-alone-dealing-with-the-solitude-of-self-employment