A high resolution full color 3d printer


The World First High Resolution Full Color 3D Printer The NIX… 3D Printer has a unique color blending technology for color mixing and capable of printing at hi-res upto 5 microns. 

About this project

We love 3D printing, and we have the vision to make a high quality 3D printer which could print your own colors. NIX… is not just another printer, with the unique tri-color blending nozzle and mechanism, you could now print almost any colors you like at high resolution up to 5 microns, so far the highest attainable resolution for FDM 3D printer.

Source: http://menafn.com/1095255176/A-High-Resolution-Full-Color-3D-Printer-The-NIX-3D-Printer-has-a-unique-color-blending-technology-for-color-mixing-and-capable-of-printing-at-hi-res-upto-5-microns