A guide to becoming a uk freelancer


These days being a freelancer can mean anything from earning a bit of extra money in the gig economy to earning a full-time income from self employment.  It can be something people turn to when their other options are limited, or something they transition to, because it suits their aspirations.  Whatever your reason for freelancing, getting started is the first step and here are three tips to help you on your way.

Sort out your personal finances

When you start a new job, you generally need a bit of time before you really begin to make an impact.  The same holds true of freelancing.  The difference is that in most jobs, you’ll receive your regular monthly pay regardless.  In freelancing, you only get paid when you get work. Therefore it is strongly advisable to do everything you can to put your personal finances in tip-top shape before you start (full-time) freelancing. You may also want to look at budgeting for extra personal insurance; to help make sure you can still pay your bills if you are ill or have an accident and also insuring your pets so you avoid having to make potentially traumatic decisions later down the line if you’re facing a serious medical bill when you’re low on funds. You should certainly try to build up a cash cushion to help you through the lean periods you will probably face from time to time.

Source: http://www.businesszone.co.uk/community/blogs/goweraccountants/a-guide-to-becoming-a-uk-freelancer