Is coworking the future of the office?


Technology has freed “knowledge workers” from the tethers of place. Software developers, writers, designers, and many others can now work anywhere and any time they have internet access.

This has led to an explosion in freelancing, also known as the “gig economy.” A 2014 study looked at Australia’s freelancing economy and found that 30 per cent of Australian workers are freelancing, making an economic contribution of $51 billion yearly.

All those freelancers require a place to get the work done. Some make use of a home office, some use coffee shops, and many use coworking spaces. Coworking refers to an office-sharing model started in 2005 by Brad Neuberg, a software developer in San Francisco, who said he wanted "the freedom and independence of working for myself along with the structure and community of working with others."

Architect Augustin Chevez has studied coworking and will be addressing the topic at the Total Facilities EXPO March 29-30 at the ICC. Chevez isSenior Researcher at international design firm HASSELL and Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre For Design Innovation at Swinburne University.