Construction robot can 3d-print small buildings


The new construction robot 3D-prints large clay objects, and monitors projects. It was developed by engineers from technology firm Tecnalia and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

Cable-driven robots use flexible, suspended cables as the basis for their movement. Perhaps the most famous cable-driven robot is SKYCAM, a cable-suspended robot videographer that can move in three dimensions around sports stadiums and catch otherwise impossible angles.

Tecnalia’s robot, Cogiro, measures 15x11x6m and has an inbuilt 3D printer with a large work area of 13.6x9.4x3.3m, in which it can move and rotate in three dimensions. 3D printing computer-modelled parts for construction would allow for greater customisation.

Cogiro can also pick up real-time information about the status of a construction project.