7 project management tips for manufacturers


There is a lot of work and even more detail involved in taking a project from the original concept to completion. Plus, there is usually a lot riding on the project, with a lot of things that can go wrong and ruin everything. That is why it is so important to make sure that your manufacturing team is working together to complete projects and get your products out there on the market.

So many things need to be considered in any project, from global teams, international trade, rules and regulations, product development, quality control, and a whole lot more. You need to find ways to manage your team so it is the most effective possible. Sure, there are loads of tools and systems you can use, but they are not always exactly what you need because of a lack of flexibility. If you really want to get your products to market, here are seven project management tips for your manufacturing team.

Source: http://www.manufacturingglobal.com/peopleandskills/1197/7-project-management-tips-for-manufacturers