3d printing as a means to generate income

Once in a while, technology presents us with a sea of change in terms of how things are done. In the late 1700s, that great paradigm shift was interchangeable parts. It was a quest to make as many products as possible compatible with as many other products as possible.

As we prepare to enter the 2020s, we’re looking at a new game-changing innovation: 3D printing. Essentially: a way to print out objects of various use utilizing a printer. It's designed to be low-cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods, and wants to make object creation as easy and cheap as printing out a document.

Chances are good you’ve seen both humble and extraordinary examples of how 3D printing will revolutionize a variety of industries. From public infrastructure to DIY home repair, 3D printing is changing how we do business, perform basic maintenance and even build brand-new structures.

Source: http://www.rappler.com/technology/features/165664-3d-printing-for-businesses