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2 Top Virtual-Reality Stocks to Buy in 2017 -- The Motley Fool

Examining how Facebook and Sony are leading the virtual reality revolution, each in their own way. read more

What's Your Rate? Determine How Much to Charge Clients Using This Strategy

Make up your pricing for every client. There is no formula, no rules, and no perfect way to do it. read more

Gatwick Airport Uses Augmented Reality to Help Catching Flights

Gatwick Airport has installed 2,000 navigation beacons inside the airport's two terminals to be used along with an augmented reality app. read more

3D printed conch shells could be basis of stronger helmets & body armor, MIT study finds

Researchers at MIT have taken a close look at conch shells to discover how they are so resistant to impact, recreating the complex organic structures ... read more

3D Printing Used in Development of New Volkswagen Electric Project Car, Golf GTI First Decade

Car lovers abound across the world, but Volkswagen fanatics are a whole different breed. You may have grown up in the generation of the VW ... read more

Stratasys Moves 3D Printing into Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has entered the world of commercial production. Long relegated to prototypes and spare parts, 3D printing is shifting into manufacturing. read more

It feels so cool to live in the age of augmented reality and virtual reality

A comprehensive guide on augmented reality and virtual reality, the next big things in technology. read more

5 Best Dividend Stocks in Virtual Reality -- The Motley Fool

Microsoft, Intel, IBM, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm are all putting serious resources into capturing a share of the burgeoning VR market -- and paying their investors while ... read more

How prototypes can help sell your bold and creative ideas

Every person privileged enough to make a living through their creativity understands a professional creative life depends upon reconciling two seemingly incompatible activities: making and ... read more

Your furniture could soon be made in vats of gel

This 3D printer only takes minutes to build objects that take other printers hours. read more